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Help Serenity Living Transitional Home EXPAND this Giving Tuesday image

Help Serenity Living Transitional Home EXPAND this Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday: Lots of Companies MATCH, But How Many Will TRIPLE?


$3,740 towards $9,000

Doing Even More Good.

Hey RFF Family! If you follow our brand campaigns at Empower by Example, then you will know that The Rock Family Foundation is passionate about rapid funding that gives smaller non-profits the capacity to achieve their incredible goals with unrestricted grants and we LOVE to get our community involved in our efforts!

While we are asking for you to read, listen and experience with us today, to give with us today on #GivingTuesday, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic with so many people hurting and uncertainwell, today IS different. Because today you can chip in to support to a movement that was born out of a necessity that was here before we knew about Covid-19. And the need will only grow because of it. Today you can give to an outstanding organization that is making measurable change (if you want to measure in light years, I would recommend it!) in the lives of young women whose prospects are otherwise extremely daunting, but because of their dedication to this amazing program their success is proven time and time again.

Serenity Living Transitional Home brings together the best practices of transitional living, the experience of community members, and the hearts and minds of a beautiful family that walks their talk. Listen to Ashley Moorefields story on Empower By Example, Episode 2 ( and tell me that your world wasnt rocked when you heard what she was able to achieve by never losing sight of her goaland then imagine what she would be able to do with a larger space to provide more transitional housing!!

Due to the increased need for housing, Serenity Living is expanding. In this time when everything else is contracting, they are buying a larger building and I want you to help them because helping these young women is helping a demographic that is traditionally not supported in their transition from foster care to sustainable adulthood, but they are supported HERE. I want you to help them because I want you to feel connected to this incredible grassroots organization that demonstrates excellence and success. I want that for you. And so, I will match you.

The Rock Family Foundation will match the donors in this fundraiser up to $9,000. Serenity Living already has 75% of the funds needed! They are still in need of $18,000 of unrestricted funds for this capital expenditure and we can only imagine the great things that they will achieve with a larger space to house, mentor and support those young adults who commit to developing their own path to lifelong success but currently rely on Serenity Living for housing, a sense of community and stability, life skills education, mental health support, and accountability on their career and educational attainment. $18,000 away from owning a facility that will allow them to double their success stories. We will meet you halfway.

Forget that! MORE than halfway! If you donate, we will match you. If you SHARE your support on Facebook, LinkedIn, email and/or Instagram we will match you again! Your donation will be TRIPLED. Use the hashtag #SLTH, like their Facebook page at for updates on the building and programming AND/OR hashtag #slth #empowerbyexampleforSLTH and #GivingTuesdaySLTH, send a screen shot to and watch your social capital give back, too!